Polystyrene Foam Block


​Product feature –
F grade comes with flame retardant, normal grade comes with NON-flame retardant.
Tolerance about (+/- 15mm) for length, width and thickness.

Custom thickness is available but the minimum order quantity is 1 block. The lead time will take at least 1 week to 2 weeks, depends on quantity.
Excellent for crafting.
Moisture resistant, cost-effective it can reduce overall any project construction costs. 

Low water absorption level. Depending upon density it ranges from 2% to 4% if totally submerged.
EXCLUDE TRANSPORTATION FEE. All goods sold are non-refundable.




EPS product is one of the most basic and widely used applications for insulation in residential and commercial construction,  as well as other uses for the flotation project, landfill applications, and other large-scale uses.
Polyfoam block is ready to be cut into many shapes. Other popular uses include aquaponics/hydroponics raft, wargaming scenery base, model railroad terrain building and school craft projects.


Additional information

Polystyrene Foam Block Available Sizes

1219mm x 609mm x 250mm, 1219mm x 609mm x 500mm, 1219mm x 1219mm x 609mm, 2438mm x 1219mm x 150mm, 2438mm x 1219mm x 175mm, 2438mm x 1219mm x 250mm, 2438mm x 1219mm x 500mm, 2438mm x 1219mm x 609mm, 3048mm x 1219mm x 250mm

Density For Polystyrene Foam

Normal Density, Medium Density (16), High Density (20), Modest High Density (24), Very High Density (32)


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