Styrofoam Board (4ft x 8ft)


Product feature –
Big size 4ft x 8ft (1219mm x 2438mm).
Light-weight, water-resistant and economical.
Our big styrofoam board is suitable for construction underground work, interior design, decoration modelling and crafting purposes.
Various thickness options. Ready stock, subject to stock availability.
Direct The Foam Shop. No min order is required.
EXCLUDE TRANSPORTATION FEE. All goods sold are non-refundable.


Styrofoam Board (4ft x 8ft)

Styrofoam board is a lightweight yet versatile material which is suitable for a variety of applications. Often used as a quick, cost-effective solution in construction projects like underground, highway roads, elevated floors and many more. It is also commonly used as an insulation material in construction because of its unique structure, which prevents moisture build-up and reduces heat loss.
Styrofoam has high compressive strength so it is resistant to impact and will not break down easily, it will only shrink when exposed to extreme temperatures for a long period.
Other than construction, it provides a great way to make 3d models, sculptures, display decorations and anything that will in conjunction with theme you set up. A variety of thickness options are available. Our styrofoam board is of higher quality which is density 12. There are many types in the market, some of them are lower density, ranging from Density 8 – 10. So you may try ours!

Additional information

Polystyrene Foam Sheet Thickness

25mm (For 4×8)), 50mm (For 4×8), 75mm (For 4×8), 100mm (For 4×8), 125mm (For 4×8)


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