Corrugated Plastic Sheet


Product feature –
Washable, Chemical Resistance And Impact Resistance.
Made From A Recyclable And Environmental Protection Material.
Perfect for Handicraft, Packaging, Advertising, Construction, Agriculture, Hardware, Layer Pad Industries, And More.

Remarks – 

For color, it is subject to our stock availability. If you wish to choose color, kindly WhatsApp us for inquiry.
EXCLUDE TRANSPORTATION FEE. All goods sold are non-refundable.


Corrugated Plastic Sheet (PP Sheet)

Corrugated Plastic Sheet is commonly used for printing, advertising, boxes and packaging, partition, protection, display board purpose. It is also used as wall board for soundproof items. We have various types of PP bubble sheets, PP solid sheets, PP corrugate sheets to cater for the needs of different types of customers.
It can act as a substitute for Plywood, although it is not as strong as Plywood. But it’s much lighter and more flexible than plywood. Also, its features are that it has high strength and high toughness; also weather resistance, moisture resistance and strong anti-aging ability. It has good impact strength and corrosion-resistant ability; it can also be used as floor protection, wall decoration or packaging material.


Additional information

Plastic Sheet Available Sizes

1360mm x 2300mm, 1360mm x 2440mm

Plastic Sheet Thickness

2mm Black, 2mm Recycle Black, 3mm Black, 3mm Recycle Black, 3mm Color, 4mm Black, 5mm Black, 6mm Black, 9mm Black


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