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LovelyTeik is a foam shop that gets you anything about foam. The wall expert.

The Foam Shop can get you anything about foam.

A Silent Maker solves anything about sound.

We Fashion For Your Wall.

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Retail Section

We have more than 15 years of experience in providing customers with foam and sponges. Until now, we supply over 10000 customers throughout Malaysia and are acclaimed on providing competitively priced products and individualized service. In recent years, we have entered into an end-user market that focuses on sound treatment and wall furnishing.

Our goal is to have the ability to supply various foam-related products, such as acoustic foam, cushion, bedding & mattress, sofa, packaging, household washing, and other kinds of foam with delivery take not more than 5 days in whole Malaysia.

When think of memory foam, think of “LovelyTeik”. When think of soundproof, think of “LovelyTeik”. When think of foam wainscoting, think of ” LovelyTeik”. This is how it looks like – The Foam Shop. Silent Maker. Fashion For Your Wall.

And so LOVELYTEIK The Foam Shop was born, the foam-specialty shop. The destination for creating your dream home. We believe everyone should also deserve a peaceful home with zero-noise pollution.

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Contract project section

Contract Project Section

People are at the heart of what we do, at LOVELYTEIK Silent Maker, we strive to build a sound environment where you will find a calm state of mind. What we do is to offer you a one-stop acoustical solution from consult, design and supply to install for entire project.

We believe flexibility is essential for a project, so we make things easier for customers. You can buy materials or products from us only or we supply & install with drawing plan provided, or even assign us to undertake whole projects. We are open to all.

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