Rockwool Stonewool Insulation (Roll)


Product feature –
1200mm x 5000mm x 50mm. Density S40/KG.
​Genuine Rockwool brand.
Fire-resistant and dampproof.
Low-budget but hard to install due to dusty.
High performance of sound absorption.
Easily cause itching or allergy.
Product Certification.
EXCLUDE TRANSPORTATION FEE. All goods sold are non-refundable.

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Rockwool Stonewool Insulation (Roll)

Our versatile of Rockwool insulation is available in a variety of thicknesses, widths and lengths, such as slab and roll. It depends on how they can benefit your project. Rockwool has been designed to simplify insulation product choice that offering a brand new family of thermal, sound and flat roof products dedicated to sound. The range offers builders a rationalised set of simple, cost-effective, and easy to fit. Ideal for residential thermal applications such as extensions, loft conversions, change of use, and sound applications such as home offices, bedrooms and bathrooms and TV, media and gaming rooms.



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