Rockwool Stonewool Insulation


Product feature –
1200mm x 600mm. Slab feature.
1200mm x 5000mm. Roll feature.

Genuine Rockwool brand.
Fire-retardant(Euroclass A1 Fire Rating). Dampproof.
Low-budget but hard to install due to dusty.
2 in 1 function. High performance of sound acoustic and super effective in thermal insulation such as roof, wall.
Easily cause itching or allergy. Energy-efficient. 

All our Rockwool sound insulation come with Sirim certified, renewal yearly.
EXCLUDE TRANSPORTATION FEE. All goods sold are non-refundable.


​Rockwool Insulation

Our Rockwool insulation has been designed to simplify insulation product choice that offering a brand new family of thermal, sound and flat roof products dedicated to sound. The range offers builders a rationalised set of simple, cost-effective, and easy to fit. Ideal for residential thermal applications such as extensions, loft conversions, change of use, and sound applications such as home offices, bedrooms and bathrooms and TV, media and gaming rooms.
It is one of the famous environment-friendly insulate materials that is mostly used in local Malaysia, Asia and Europe. Bestseller. You can less worry about sound coming in or going out of your room by install Rockwool insulation. An effective, affordable, eco-friendly choice for soundproofing that’s guaranteed to last. It’s fungi-resistant and mold-resistant.
On top of that, DIY users often use Rockwool slab to self-make acoustic panel or diffuser panel without set up a high budget. Densities range from S40KG(Pro330) to S80KG(Pro370), all characteristics are varying in terms of application.


Additional information

Density For Rockwool

S40KG/m3, S60KG/m3, S80KG/m3, S100KG/m3, S120KG/m3

Rockwool Stone Wool Insulation Thickness

50mm Roll, 25mm Slab (12Pcs/Bag), 50mm Slab (8Pcs/Bag), 50mm Slab (6Pcs/Bag), 50mm Slab Aluminium Foil (SL) (6Pcs/Bag), 50mm Slab Black Tissue (DL), 50mm Slab Black Tissue (SL)


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