PU Foam Sheet


Product feature –
Non-fire retardant.
Tolerance about (+/- 10mm) for length, width and thickness.
Density 13. Shortest lifespan out of all of our foam products so suitable for budget-control or one-time used works.
Can easily cut to size with scissors or a sharp knife.

Remarks – 

Our white colour will fade away gradually so the foam may look milky if it has been produced for a while. Kindly confirm before purchase. 



PU Foam Sheet

Thicknesses of up to 1000 mm can be accommodated. Pu foam sheets are ready to go for all of your cleanings especially after construction works or packing needs. This low-density foam sheet is very lightweight so has an excellent ability to absorb water. Most importantly, the price is the cheapest among densities due to its low density. So it suitable for any project that requires one-time used materials such as infrastructure or building house project.


Additional information

PU Foam Sheet Available Sizes

1219mm x 609mm, 1905mm x 1066mm, 1905mm x 914mm

PU Foam Sheet Thickness

24mm White, 48mm White, 10mm White, 18mm White, 25mm White, 25mm White, 50mm White


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