Penebat Haba Polyfoam


Product feature –
Light-weight, water-resistant and economical. Bestseller.
Murah penebat haba. A very murah & mudah way to reduce heat from roofing.
To enhance polyfoam insulator performance, you can DIY wrapped with aluminium foil.
Reduce up to 50% heat if combined with aluminium foil & polyfoam.
EXCLUDE TRANSPORTATION FEE. All goods sold are non-refundable.

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Penebat Haba Polyfoam

If you looking for a cost-effective insulator, the first item comes into mind will surely be polyfoam. This product is popularly known as multi-used, one of the main applications is penebat haba bumbung, polyfoam insulator or EPS foam that has the ability to resist heat to your home and helps mitigate any unwanted heat gain from roofing. The thicker the foam, the higher R-value.
However, polyfoam will gradually shrink under sunlight in the long term. Despite the downside, the benefits of low cost much outweigh this. This is because the lifespan could still be around 2 – 4 years, will probably be longer than that. There is even a method that could reflect more heat is to wrap the foam with our aluminium paper foil. Not only that will this small DIY trick could work better, but also extend the lifespan without spending a lot. A cheap DIY penebat haba way that you can try.
Tolerance about (+/- 10mm) for length, width and thickness. Custom thickness is available with MOQ requirements.

Additional information

Polystyrene Foam Sheet Available Sizes

1219mm x 609mm, 2438mm x 1219mm

Polystyrene Foam Sheet Thickness

75mm (6Pcs/Bag), 100mm (5Pcs/Bag), 125mm (4Pcs/Bag), 75mm (For 4×8), 100mm (For 4×8), 125mm (For 4×8)


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