Aluminium Foil


Product feature –
Energy and cost-saving.
Made in Malaysia.
Efficient insulator especially in commercial building.
EXCLUDE TRANSPORTATION FEE. All goods sold are non-refundable.




Aluminium Foil

Camel-Foil (Flat sheet) insulation which works on the principle of reflecting radiant heat back into the building. It has 6 layers by using 2 external layers of pure aluminium foil bonded to 1 layer of kraft paper and reinforced with fiberglass mesh. The item is a common application in roofing, wrapping and air-cond ducting.

Max-Foil (Bubble sheet) is made by a double-sided of pure aluminium foil and 1 layer aircore with 2 bonding layers. It provides excellent insulation properties and an effective radiant barrier.  It designed lightweight and easy to install without require mesh. Apart from thermal insulation, it can also block noises such as raindrop in the roof.


Additional information

Dimensions N/A
Aluminium Foil Available Sizes

Flat 1.22m x 45m Roll (6 Layers), Bubble 1.2m x 40m Roll, Bubble 1.2m x 40m Roll (Fire Retardant)


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