Ecowool Polygrass Fibre Insulation


​Product feature –
​Fire-resistant, fluffy.
Specifically designed glass mineral wool for fire safety, thermal and acoustical insulation.
Only available in roll size.
Less dusty and less itchy.
Optimal fibre diameter.
EXCLUDE TRANSPORTATION FEE. All goods sold are non-refundable.



Ecowool Polygrass Fibre Insulation

The unique Polygrass Fibre is a high-performance glass mineral wool insulation that consists of a much smaller fibre diameter compared to other man-made vitreous fibre insulation materials. This means they are more efficient and effective in its acoustic and thermal insulation performance. It has been widely used in Asia for a long time. It has the characteristics of thermal insulation, heat insulation and acoustic insulation. It can help to reduce the loss of heat or prevent the loss of cool air, makes it an ideal material for energy saving.

Additional information

Ecowool Polygrass Insulation Sizes

10m x 1.2m x 50mm, 20m x 1.2m x 25mm


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