Multi-Use Super Soft Sponge


Product feature –
Non-fire retardant.
Tolerance about (+/- 5mm) for length, width and thickness.
Density 18KG.
High water absorption capability.
EXCLUDE TRANSPORTATION FEE. All goods sold are non-refundable.

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Multi-Use Super Soft Sponge

​​Super soft pink foam has add-on features that it is in high density but remain softness. Therefore, it is not mere for flatten cement works in construction industry but also can be used for packaging and custom mattress, pillow, cushion. Meanwhile, it has a high absorption ability for cleaning and washing.

Additional information

Super Soft Sponge Foam Sizes

381mm x 533mm (15" 21")

Super Soft Sponge Thickness

22mm (25Pcs/Bag)


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