Multi-Use Super Soft Sponge


Product feature –
Non-fire retardant.
Tolerance about (+/- 5mm) for length, width and thickness.
Density 18KG.
High water absorption capability.
EXCLUDE TRANSPORTATION FEE. All goods sold are non-refundable.

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Multi-Use Super Soft Sponge

Soft sponge has add-on features that it is in high density but remains softness. It is a revolutionary sponge that can be used for many different cleaning purposes including for construction plastering. The cotton-soft material allows you to wash dishes, clean any furniture and so on. With a variety of purposes and high absorbing water, it is a best helper for cleaning

Additional information

Super Soft Sponge Thickness

22mm (25Pcs/Bag), 50mm (25Pcs/Bag)


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