Cushion Foam Sheet


Product feature –
Non-fire retardant. Density 30 NON-Powder.
Good for mattresses, bedding support, all other home and commercial upholstery applications but life expectancy is 1-3 years.
DIY friendly. Best used for cushion foam seat, sofa kusyen foam replacement.
For cushions, it is advisable that always measure between the cover’s seams or cording, depending on how full you want your cushion.
Thickness can be customized up to 10 inches.
Medium sound absorption capability.
EXCLUDE TRANSPORTATION FEE. All goods sold are non-refundable.



Sound Absorbing Cushion Foam Sheet

This cushion foam is an ideal option for sound absorbing, it will also greatly assist in reducing reverberation, reflections and flutter echoes other than egg crate pattern.
The 2-in-1 feature is not only an effective way of improving the acoustics of any environment but also cost-effective for sofa cushion foam replacement.
We also recommend this grade for any seating application for a standard lifespan. It is the most popular foam for seasonal and occasional uses but also offers an extra boost to durability and comfort. Ideal for use as mattress topper or sofa and bed cushion.
​Tolerance about (+/- 10mm) for length, width and thickness.​

Additional information

Grey Cushion Foam Sheet Available Sizes

1905mm x 1066mm x 25mm Grey, 1905mm x 1066mm x 50mm Grey, 1905mm x 1066mm x 75mm Grey, 1905mm x 1066mm x 100mm Grey, 1905mm x 1066mm x 125mm Grey


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