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Memory foam is a kind of polyurethane foam known as viscoelastic. Though this material is not as affordable as spring due to the cost of production is often higher, it gaining popularity because of its ability to conform to the shape of your body. When it comes to memory foam, elasticity, price, and thickness all matter. People tend to associate it with mattress whenever hear or see “memory foam” term. That’s true. Anyhow, it is also commonly used for cushions and bedding. There are a lot of brands in the market, they all might have their distinctive feature. So let us also tell you ours.

About The Foam Shop Malaysia

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We have been selling PU foams to a variety of industries for over 15 years. With over 100 foam-related products and materials, notably on sound acoustic treatment, building construction and cushion sections, we try our best to make all materials as transparent as possible with different prices, range from low to high prices. We completely open up about materials to give you more choices whether you wish to buy material only or a mattress with fabric. Transparency & Clean. So does memory foam.

Memory Foam For Budget Type

Memory Foam For Budget Type Cover Image

The least elasticity, the cheaper price. Our E40 grade is made for budget user who at the same time still want to enjoy the feature of motion isolation. It is recommended to add it on top of existing spring mattress.

Memory Foam For Classic Type

Memory Foam For Classic Type Cover Image

This E80 grade has higher elasticity. With double softness element, memory foam in this grade feels soft on sleeping and is springy enough when tossing and turning at night. Will never disappoint you if you expect instant comfort with pressure-point relief.

Memory Foam For Premium Type

Memory Foam For Classic Type by LovelyTeik The Foam Shop

For premium quality, you can go for E80 cool gel memory foam. As the name suggests, it will have less heat when sleeping on it. It is a great choice while it still offers a high level of breathability and elasticity. Currently, only budget E40 grade is available in LovelyTeik The Foam Shop.

Cushion Made In Memory Foam

Cushion Made in Memory Foam Cover Image

After talking about memory foam as mattress, now it is about upholstered memory foam cushion. If you want to reduce buttock and waist pain while sitting too, you can also choose one over our cushion portfolio, from neck to waist, lumbar to butt.

Other Brand Memory Foam Mattress

Ikea Brand Memory Foam Mattress

The mattress market is vast and little over-competition, so you have plenty of choices. The ultimate benefit goes to consumers, you will easily find one of these brands to have what you need anyway. I am especially fond of Ikea brand due to its budget price and quality assurance.

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