The Foam Shop Cool Gel Memory Foam Seat Cushion


Product feature –

With cushion cover. Size 18inch x 14inch x 3inch (46cm x 37cm x 7.5cm)
Firmness level – 8.
Cooling gel-infused memory foam. Black Color (Cover). Blue and White (Seat Cushion).
2-in-1 cool gel seat cushion provides a cooling effect while sitting and relieves pressure.
Longer lifespan between 6 months to 2 years if medium usage.
NON fire-retardant.
Worth to try. Our recommendation.
EXCLUDE TRANSPORTATION FEE. All goods sold are non-refundable.

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The Foam Shop Cool Gel Memory Foam Seat Cushion

The Foam Shop Cool Gel Memory Foam Seat Cushion is a breathable solution to the problem of sitting for hours on end. Made from high-quality memory foam wrapped in a zippered cover, this seat cushion molds to your body and quickly returns to its original shape, providing support where you need it most.
Spend more time on the go with LovelyTeik The Foam Shop’s car seat cushion. Its soft memory foam conforms to your sitting style, relieving pressure and minimizing pain from long trips. Its textured silicone detailing adds a cooling sensation to the surface of the cushion for an extra level of comfort and relaxation during long journeys.
Tolerance about (+/- 10mm) for length, width and thickness.


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