Acoustic Diffuser Panel (MDF)


Product feature –

Size 4ft x 2ft x 15mm(121cm x 61cm x 1.5cm)
Made from MDF.
To perfect acoustic sound. High capability to diffuse sound waves.
Reduce echo up to 80%.
NON fire-retardant.
Can hang on walls easily by nail.
Many types of different shapes. Have more than 20 laminate colors.
EXCLUDE TRANSPORTATION FEE. All goods sold are non-refundable.

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Acoustic Diffuser Panel (MDF)

Acoustic diffuser panels are usually made from wood, plywood, or any rather hard object. Currently, we have MDF-type sound diffuser ready stock.  Most people associate acoustic diffuser panels with basic sound absorption only but this is not the case. They are designed to treat reflections and echoes only. They are unable to absorb sound or soundproofing.
Sound diffuser is a special type of acoustic panel that often used in an expert-grade audio environment only. You usually find these in places which are meticulous about acoustic results such as auditoriums, theaters, on-stage monitors and music venues. Diffusing sound is a great way to make your room sound better without compromising its liveliness. Create an ambiance in any room with our sound diffuser panel. We have more than 20 choices in different patterns, make it a stand out addition to any interior acoustic design.
Tolerance about (+/- 10mm) for length, width and thickness. Product color may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources.

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Acoustic Diffuser Color

Deep Marble


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