Ceiling Vibration Absorber (Shock Absorber)


Product features –
​Best have for acoustic treatment ceiling.
Damping vibrations of ceiling. Act as a buffer against strident noises.
Anti-fungus. Low cost.
Able to control sound reverberation effectively.
Designed for ceiling suspension solution.
Perfect for tall buildings like condos, office towers and multi-story shops.
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Ceiling Vibration Absorber (Shock Absorber)

Ceiling vibration absorber is designed to reduce vibration and noise coming from the ceiling, though it can’t block out sound completely, it can largely help make noises less irritating. To put it in other words, it’s specific role is to limit vibration noise from the top so you are able to control noises as much as you can. The triple vibration damping medium structure also ensures high-performance results while it is installed. This augmented product is a must-have and cost-effective solution for ceiling acoustic treatment.


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