Polyester Fiber Panel

Product Feature –

Made from recycled plastic bottles.
Sustainable, environmentally-friendly materials that reduce echo and reverberation.
Easy DIY. Install with silicone glue or other kinds of standard adhesive glue.
Reduce echo up to 60%.
Flame retardant. More than 40 color options.
Our polyester fiber panels are available in 16 patterns.
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Polyester Fiber Panel

Our polyester fiber panel create a rich, warm and dramatic look while improving the comfort levels of any home or office space. Affordable, sustainable with excellent acoustic and diffusion properties to control echoes. However, the sound absorption capability of fiber acoustic panel isn’t as great as fabric acoustic panel, acoustic foam and stonewool. Its unique feature is it could enhance the aesthetic appearance, and can be cut into any size or shape for your wall decorating needs while maintaining acoustic functions. Full range of colors in normal and 3D patterns. Made from recycled material. Lightweight.


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