3D Polyester Fiber Panel (Decorative Acoustic Treatment)

Product Feature –

Made from recycled plastic bottles.
Eco-friendly acoustic materials that can be used for interior decoration.
Easy DIY. Install with silicone glue or other kinds of standard adhesive glue.
Reduce echo up to 60%.
Flame retardant.
Acoustic wall panel with eye-catching 3D effects. Can be used for ceiling and wall.


3D Polyester Fiber Panel (Decorative Acoustic Treatment)

Our 3D polyester fiber panel is manufactured from recycled materials, it is a sustainable building material without compromising on providing good acoustic while giving your wall a luxurious and classy look. With unique waves-style, it creates 3D effects aesthetically. It would able to reduce the effect of room reflections so you could enjoy an optimal sound environment. Low maintenance and easy to set up but the price will be slightly higher in comparison with normal patterns.
It can also be used for acoustic treatment ceilings. It could add a touch and glamor to the space by install it on the ceiling.


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