Fish Box (Small/Medium/Big)


Product feature –
Perfect for frozen foods. Multi Used.
Tolerance about (+/- 5mm) for length, width and thickness.

Big – 620mm x 500mm x 360mm (External) & 550mm x 425mm x 300mm (Internal)
Medium – 500mm x 380mm x 350mm (External) & 430mm x 310mm x 300mm (Internal)
Small – 430mm x 308mm x 322mm (External) & 370mm x 245mm x 265mm (Internal)
EXCLUDE TRANSPORTATION FEE. All goods sold are non-refundable.

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Fish Box (Small/Medium/Big)

Our fish box is mostly used for transporting food especially frozen foods and drinks. It could keep the food warm or cold for longer periods of time. We have many sizes and shapes to choose from, range from small to big. Our fish boxes are very economical because they are lightweight, reusable and recyclable.
Made in Malaysia with the highest degree of quality and integrity.

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Polystyrene Foam Box Available Sizes

Big, Medium, Small


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