The Foam Shop Cushion Foam Sheet (Super Hard Grade A)


Product feature –

Only foam. Size – 1905mm x 1066mm. Firmness level – 9.
Non-fire retardant. Density 39 NON-Powder. Yellow/Cream.
Ultra firm texture, offers exceptional support and comfort.
Commonly known as support foam in mattress and advance seating cushion. Longer lifespan 3- 10 years.
Great strength. Premium quality. Durable and denser.
Thickness can be customized up to 10 inches. Super hard foam cushion.
Remarks – Our colour will fade away gradually so the foam may look milky or faded if it has been produced for a while. EXCLUDE TRANSPORTATION FEE. All goods sold are non-refundable.

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The Foam Shop Cushion Foam Sheet (Super Hard Grade A)

Super hard foam cushion in this density is known for its durability and firmness quality. Its high density makes it ideal for applications where strength and resilience are required, such as commercial seating or high-traffic areas. Additionally, the foam’s firmness provides excellent support and comfort, making it a popular choice among carpenters and mattress manufacturers.
Most using as high-density support foam in mattress production, this foam sheet is also suitable for custom upholstery projects or as a base layer for DIY seat cushions. With its superior quality and versatility, this harder foam sheet is the go-to option for those seeking reliable and long-lasting sponge solutions.
Tolerance about (+/- 10mm) for length, width and thickness.​ Product color may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources.

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PU Foam Sheet Thickness

25mm Y/C, 50mm Y/C, 75mm Y/C, 100mm Y/C, 125mm Y/C, Wholesale Price


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