Wall Skirting Gallery

It covers the improper edges, avoids scratches from furniture and gives a room a good finish. These skirting boards were known as mop boards as they protect the wall from water when the floor was mopped. Different purposes for which skirting are installed.

Flooring Skirting Board Design 1
Flooring Skirting Board Design 3
Flooring Skirting Board Design 6
Skirting Board BaseBoard Decoration Design 2
Flooring Skirting Board with Wainscoting Design 4
Flooring Skirting Board Design 5

Purpose of wall skirting

  • Hide exposed electrical wiring
  • Cover the gap between the walls and floors
  • Avoid marks from furniture
  • Improve Interior

    Advantage of skirting
  • Cheap price, range from RM 1.50/feet to RM 50/feet
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy DIY

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