Tombo MG Board Rockwool Insulation


Product feature –
Made in Indonesia. Cheaper than the original Rockwool brand.
Fire-resistant and dampproof.
Low-budget but hard to install due to dusty.
High performance of sound absorption.
Easily cause itching or allergy.
Product Certification.
EXCLUDE TRANSPORTATION FEE. All goods sold are non-refundable.



Tombo MG Board Rockwool Insulation

Tombo MG board is an Indonesia brand that has the same characteristics as the original Rockwool. Good at cancelling room reverb, echoes, standing waves, and noise. Also, it can be used as roof insulation. This is an alternative choice to Rockwool. If you prefer the original Rockwool brand, we are also selling it. Check it out.

Additional information

Density For Rockwool

S40KG/m3, S60KG/m3, S80KG/m3, S100KG/m3, S120KG/m3

Rockwool Stone Wool Insulation Thickness

50mm Roll, 25mm Slab (12Pcs/Bag), 50mm Slab (8Pcs/Bag), 50mm Slab (6Pcs/Bag), 50mm Slab Aluminium Foil (SL) (6Pcs/Bag), 50mm Slab Black Tissue (DL), 50mm Slab Black Tissue (SL) (6Pcs/Bag)


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