Acoustic Foam Movable Partition


​Product feature –
Non-fire retardant.
Tolerance about (+/- 5mm) for length, width and thickness.
Density 25 (Foam). Solid wood (Frame).
Reduce echoes up to 90 % per partition.
Increase privacy.


The size shown is only for foam. The height and width will be bigger if include the frame.
EXCLUDE TRANSPORTATION FEE. All goods sold are non-refundable.



Acoustic Foam Movable Partition

Acoustic foam movable partition can reduce ambient noise and enhance privacy in today’s dynamic open office environments and home office trend. Whether you’re dividing two desks or an entire office, this acoustic partition is up to the task. No tools are required as it no need to be assembled. Thickness can be customized.

Additional information

Acoustic Foam Movable Partition Available Sizes

75 inch x 42 inch x 50mm, 75 inch x 42 inch x 75mm

Acoustic Foam Color

Black, Grey


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